Scott Carter

Certified & Insured Firearms Instructor

Scott has been a Firearms Instructor since July 2011 and has been certified by one of the nation’s leading federal agencies. He has trained and proven to be 100% efficient in the use of handguns, shotguns and patrol rifles. Scott trains active Law Enforcement Officer’s that want to brush up on tactical applications and scenario-based firearm handling. He also trains civilians and certifies through annual qualification retired Law Enforcement Officer’s under the federal “Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act” more commonly referred to as “L.E.O.S.A.” or “hr 218”.

Scott has many clients from a broad spectrum of Law Enforcement backgrounds that train and qualify with him. He has been handling and firing firearms since he’s 8 years old. He was trained and instructed by his Father who was a Law Enforcement Officer. Scott joined the United States Marine Corps. right after graduation from High School, there he was exposed to various types of weapons and firearms. After he completed his obligation as a U.S. Marine, he joined the San Diego Police department in California. Once again, the training in tactics and firearms handling was superior to most agencies in America. Scott was involved in a major incident early in his career, he and his partner were pursuing an armed robbery vehicle at 90+ mph when a passenger sat on the door frame and fired several different weapons through the windshield of their patrol vehicle. It was his training and experience that persevered and all three suspects were taken into custody with minor injuries to the officers.  Read Scott’s full bio

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

- Scott Carter -

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